Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memories from Denmark {Part 3 : Christmas}


Ombeline said...

I love Christmas...
The first picture is so beautiful!
Kisses <3<3<3

famapa said...

now this is what xmas should look like! how's stockholm looking at the mo? I can't remember if xmas decorations around town were a big thing there or not. I do like how almost everyone has those electric advent candleholders in their windows though! I have to get myself one of those next year (too lazy this year).

notebookdoodles said...

and again, your photos are truly beautiful. i love them all!!


young said...

These photos make me miss home even more. I am currently in China, very far away from Denmark and there is no Christmas feeling at all.
And even though it makes me sad I will not be at home with my family this year, these photos are also very comforting.
Thank you.

Camilla said...

Hi sweetie!
So cute pictures of Christmas time in Cph :)
I'm back on track now after handing in the final project. Feels weird, but good.


cloa said...

Your pictures are incredible. Want to see more!!
Merry Christmas sweet Alice ♥