Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baking Time !

Today i baked christmas cookies :)

125g of soft butter
125g of sugar
1 egg
250g of flour
lemon zest
10mn in the oven :)


Ombeline said...

Tu m'en gardes un??? Miam, trop bon et trop chou!

Gretchen said...

I can almost taste their yumminess! I want to snatch one right off the tray. (I didn't get around to baking this year so I am left with the virtual experience...)

Laura said...

Those look so cute and yummie! :)

Maria said...

oh yummy! cute gingerbreads;)
and Merry Christmas to you (one day late) !!!

notebookdoodles said...

eeeek!! they are so so cute!!


Camilla said...

Yay! Cookies!! They are so cute and look very yummi :)
Danielle and I are gonna bake cookies on Sunday. Cozy and delicious!


Mila said...

Looks lovely and delicous, dear!
I want to bake something to now, but all shops are closed!!

I hope you are having an amazing Christmas, dear Alice.

I gave you an award and i tagged you with the tag that comes with the award.
Hope you like it.

It will be in my post later today, so be sure to visit my blog!


Toktokada said...

magnifiques gâteaux !!! Joyeuses fêtes!

amy said...

oh my goodness!!! your biscuits are incredible!

Esti said...


A spoonful of mint said...

What kind of dough did you use?

cloa said...

Je sais c'est terrible, il faut que je m'y remette. Tu passes de bonnes fêtes? Tes biscuits donnent envie... :)

Windy Days said...

these are so amazing and cute!!
merry christmas to you alice dear. :)

anne said...

miam !
x'est fait comment le glaçage ?

Copé said...

Trop belles photos! Je n'étais pas là pour les voir et en manger Dommage.
Elle est douée ta mère tout de même

three buttons said...

Sooo Cute!

Anonymous said...

hjälp vad mycket arbete, ser mumsigt ut! :)