Friday, November 7, 2008

Week Days...

On my way to work, i see this car everyday, it's makes me so jealous !

I am always looking up to the trees

This is what we do with Emilie before we start working, we play with lost and found toys 
"Sir, you're so tensed on your vertebras"

At 4pm, it's so dark i can hardly see my feet, when we're supposed to watch the kids on the playground !


notebookdoodles said...

"Sir, you're so tensed on your vertebras" aaaahaha =) that's so cute!

and your shoes are also very cute.
did you draw/ write on them?


Hélène said...

réponse au "trop cuuuute" merci mon doux, de tout coeur haha!
et.. je dois t'avouer, que je suis aller voir ta page depuis le blog de léopoldo et que tu m'a SUPER GRAVE donné envie de retourner en suède et de voir les autres pays nordiques, WOUHOU un peu.

baisers, H

Alice said...

notebookdoodles : haha i know we're silly :D
and no, i didn't draw on my shoes, they are a "letter" from my english penpal Natasha, she wrote on them and sent them to me :D

see here :

hélène : oh cool, alors il faut y retourner !! quel jolie blog tu as en tous cas !!

mary lee said...

Oh, where in Sweden do you live? And what to you work with (I'm guessing since you're french you might not know the language, but corect me if I'm wrong... I often am, haha)

I moved to Copenhagen because I loved the city and wanted to start fresh. That didn't exactly work out well, even though I still love the city, I fell in love with someone while in the city... and got my heart broken. So now, when I think of Copenhagen, I think of broken hearts. Which is not a good thing to be associated with. I wish I could've stayed, though.

(and that is a killer car! If I ever got my drivers license, that's the kind of car I would want)

Lisa said...

Short days get me down! I don't mind the Winter at all as long as the sun makes a bit of an appearance every now and again.

I want that toy polar bear!!!

Léo-pony-boy said...

Tes chaussures sont trop choupi-trognonnes, qu'est-il écrit dessus?
Merci pour tes commentaires <3
bec bec

Camilla said...

I want a car like that as well. It's so cute!
And about the polar bear... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!