Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pyjama Party at Johan's

Cosy :)
I had the cosiest Halloween pyjama party at my friend Johan's place :)

At first it was VERY scary, when he opened us the door like looking this:

But then everything was lovely and "mysig" :)

Champagne is the cutest

We had so many candies, Ögon-godis ;)

And in the middle of the night, Johan made waffles :P


Camilla said...

This looks so lovely! Candy and waffles - yummi!

notebook doodles said...

awwww. lucky you.
yum yum!

cloa said...

lovely waffles <3

Windy Days said...

cosy parties are the best. that's an awesome ghost! :)

Betsey said...

little heart waffles!!! so cute!

misha said...

Reviens,j'ai le même appareil à la maison pour faire les waffles !

Anonymous said...

those waffles are critical impact! LOL