Monday, October 13, 2008

Comme un Lundi

I'm Happy :D :D :D
Here is a little sample of my, so perfect, monday :D

Sunrise at 6:30

Swedish lessons at 8:15

Library at 11:00

a bit of funny eye* :)

Walk and Lunch in the Parc at 12:00

Work at 13:30

Best Sushis in Town with my cousin at 19:30

yes it WAS a perfect monday :)


Mila said...

Yeah, i can see this was a perfect monday! Good for you, girl!

Hope you are happy...


Camilla said...

What a lovely monday.
It's so sad we didn't go to the library, when Jeanette and I came to visit you :( It looks so cool.


Betsey said...

ahh so lovely!!!
that library is beautiful!

Olga said...

OK, Stockholm nostalgia in full effect... Soon I will have no choice but to go back and move into that library.

And thanks for your comments :0)

Maria said...

How great! that library looks amazing.

and yes you're right, we both took almost the same looking photo of our shoes, funny;))

hope you'll have a perfect wednesday too!

Laura said...

That's the best library ever!

A spoonful of mint said...

I love "stadsbiblioteket".

Toktokada said...

Yes very nice monday !!! Did you get any good books at the library ?

notebook doodles said...

i wouldn't mind having a monday like that =)
the library looks amazing!
i'm glad you had a good monday, alice.

Esti said...

amazing library!!

Veja cecilia said...

That library is really a great building, Gunnar Asplund was quite a genius!

the tea drinking english rose said...

wow.. absolutely amazing library.

i wish i had a library full of old books in my magical closet.

Anonymous said...

charmante promenade, je découvre ton blog suite à ton message, je reviendrai!!!

salutations du Québec