Monday, September 1, 2008

When a song talks to you

You know the way sometimes a song just talks to you, as if you were the only one concerned by it, or as if you could have written it word by word..

well today it was: Threads by Portishead

"Better if I could find the words to say
Whenever I take a choice it turns away

I'm worn, tired of my mind
I'm worn out, thinking of why
I'm always so unsure

I battle my thoughts I find I can't explain
I've travelled so far but somehow feel the same

I'm worn, tired of my mind
I'm worn out, thinking of why
I'm always so unsure
I'm always so unsure

I am alive when I sleep
Why am I not in all that I got?
I can't find no one to blame

Stand, stand, damned one
Damned one
Damned one
Damned one

I am one

Where do I go? "

I learnt today that my A Home for Alice show in Melbourne got canceled, cause the gallery closed down. 
It's not a bad thing if i think about it, cause it only means the first show will take place here in Stockholm, later this year, and that people will have more time to post their homes, but it's more like a symbol, like a disapointment.. and as i am already going round and round in my head about everything these days, this news is not making in any better...
i think i need a sign..


Frida said...

oh sweetie, everything will be fine. you've just moved and everything can't happen at once...

when is your show in sthlm? have to come see it =)

Mila said...

Oh that's really sad that the show got cancelles. I can imagine you feel like it's okay, but it's a disappointment after all of course.

That sons is beautiful...the lyrics are gorgeous...i recognise some things too.

Hope you feel alright by now.
Maybe you should take a look at my latest post... ;)

Bye, dear!

Mila said...

Thanks so much for your cheered me up! ;)

Also thanks a lot for what you said about the sx 70 camera.
I am on my way to Ebay right now.
Thanks for the picture, but i think i can only understand it, when i have the camera and the film. so i can clearly see what doesn't fit and what i have to cut off.

Bye dear!

Speak to you soon...

Camilla said...

So sorry to hear that it was cancelled... but it's so cool that your first show will be in Sthlm :)
Miss you, sweetie!

I'm so glad you convinced me to do a blog :D

eima said...

Dont think about it so much, you have to take things as they happen, Everything its good for something, you just have to stop resist the moment and allow things to be exactly the way they are...then you will feel much freer and relaxed :]

Windy Days said...

Oh that is sad news! I was looking forward to going and having a look! Not to worry, I'm sure good things are still coming your way. I sincerely wish you the best.

Angie xoxo