Friday, September 12, 2008

Movie : The Graduate

The Graduate is my favorite movie, EVER.

I totally identify with the main charater, Benjamin, who feels confused about his future and has to deal with other's expectactions, when he seems not to fit in the world that surrounds him..

The photography, and the soundtrack is just pure heaven. (Simon & Garfunkel, my favorite artists)

Katharine Ross who plays Elaine Robinson is just magnificent, and her style is perfection.


Anonymous said...

Dans l'avant avant dernière photo ya Jamel Debbouze dans le bus. T'étais au courant???

Windy Days said...

Oh I've been wanting to see this movie for such a long time! I can't believe I still haven't.

I know what you mean about figuring out the's hard. I hope you are well dear. xoxo

Veja cecilia said...

Låter som en toppenfilm. Om inte annat för simon och garfunkel...

Mila said...

Wow, i am very sure i'll love this movie.
I have to see it and i am going to search it tomorrow.
Thanks a lot for the tip dear.

Hope you are fine!

x Mila.

Betsey said...

i really have no idea why i have never watched this movie!
im adding it to my list right now.

Anonymous said...


Erreur stratégique : tu as mis la fin du film dans ton diaporama !!! Il faudrait que tu préviennes au début...

Toujours tu me disais que ce film était superbe et je l'ai vu un jour par hasard. Ca m'a nettoyé le cerveau.



gracia said...

You've reminded me to revisit this film... it's been too long. Great stills seen all in a row.

Maria said...

I never saw it but now you made me buy it on cdon:) thanks for the tip again!

porter hovey said...

It just makes me want to watch it again and again. A true classic.