Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Roskilde Festival !!

I am off to Roskilde Festival where i will be working this week !! yay !

Report Day by Day


Time to go


We went to the cinema, under a huge tent, just when it rained, so we could hear it falling on the roof, and it felt so cosy..

to see Hata Göteborg

It was full of Swedes who quoted the whole movie and claped when a character was finally brave enough to speak his mind, it was really cool :D

When we came out, it was already dry :)

We had some healthy food for dinner ;) huge burger for Camilla

nachos for Eva

(free) ham pizza for me

At sunset, we went to see Neil Young

and then Lukke Li !!! <3


We saw Kate Nash

Some style hunting ;)

At sunset, we had some delicious bagel and hyldeblomst in front of King of Leon

Then we saw Goldfrapp, purely magic.


Today the concerts sarted !! but i was working all afternoon untill 23, and i was so pissed to miss Radiohead playing a 22 !!

Asaf had a hug headache, so i brought him pills :)

Ido and Dao

We worked all day, and at 22:00, the new team arrived to take over from us, so we were way too much in the kitchen, just waiting doing nothing, as all the customers were listening to Radiohead, the place was empty... so we just asked the bos if we could leave now, andd they just said : yes. 
So we ran to the Orange stage, and were just intime to see Radiohead !!!! we couldn't believe it ! it was just perfection, it was sunset, everybody was so happy, and smiling... 

and the concert ws just great. And the feeling that we could finally see it, when we knew from the begining that we would miss it, was so good :)

I managed to find the girls easily, as they told me they were close to a Homer Simpson flag :D

We went home with Camilla, and in the bus, we found free seats, and had our firts synchronized "yay !"

then we waited for the train from Roskilde station to Cph central station for ages... when it finally arrived, it was already packed with sleepy travelers, and we were squeezed in the "quiet area" unfortunately, two drunk Finish guys didn't know it, and started to shout and laugh, but a woman yelled at them that it was a QUIEEEEET !!! area, so they spent the rest of the trip laughing in silence, and bitching about the other travelers..


Today, i was working, so i got to see Roskilde festival at 7:30, and it is, quiet.

exept the seagles of course

some good style hunting :)

to come home today, i had an old retro train :)

emergency stop in Mattas this evening, sunscreen 30. enough of the lobster attitude !

See you tomorrow !! :D


The concerts didn't start yet... so it's time to wander around :)

Weather : Perfect (i got my face all burned)

Camp : settle down

The whole world came !! (Swedes, yay !! )

Today i met Asaf's little brother, Ido (insert correct spelling here)


As we're part of the staff we have free pizza and drinks :D ( the guys are here since monday, they are so fed up of pizza already ! haha)

We went to see some "dudes" take some "sweet jumps" :D

i am so gonna marry that guy !


Esti said...

Enjoy it!

Camilla said...

oooh, looks so great! i can't wait to go there on thursday :D
haha, and i love that you got a picture of the gipsy woman collecting beer cans! so funny!

Maria said...

Lucky you!!!
I've been there once, summer'06. It was super great fun:) I'm not sure, but I think I remember that can collector-woman, or maybe it was another one who looked the same. looking forward to see more pics!

asphaltandair said...

i am green with envy that you get to be there!
have fun, be safe, wear sunscreen!
enjoy it and thanks for reporting and posting photos!

Camilla said...

hahaha, the synchronized "yay!" was so funny!! :D i can't stop laughing!

snooky green said...

How funny. You were there. So sad I didn't run into you. (Although it sounds like the only show we were both at was Radiohead - along with 70,000 other people, so maybe not so surprising.) Haven't posted my pics yet. I am laaaaaaaaaazy. :)

Léo said...

Et les cocorosie dans tout ca? ;)