Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movie time !

Today was the second day of a perfect weekend. when i woke up, the sky so cloudy in a very sweet way, perfect :)

Later, it rained like crazy for one hole hour, with lightnings and thunder, very very loud.

I opened all the windows, turned off everything exept music, and watched the rain falling. very peaceful.

In the evening, we met for dinner with Eva and Camilla in a lovely café where Eva used to work.

we had a very good burger

After dinner, Camilla drove us to her place, and we watched the second part of The Lord of the Rings, which i had never seen before. We have our little cinema camp settled there, in her new flat, among boxes, with hyldeblomst, currants and cherries :D

I am not particularly fond of this movie, but watching it with the girls, in our cosy little cinema camp is so much fun, and i will keep a very sweet memory of it


Camilla said...

Can't wait to watch the 3rd movie with you. Viggo!!! Yay!

alison said...

the sky is beautiful.

i wish it was a bit rainy here. after so many months of heat, i crave rain, but then after so many months of rain, i crave heat :)

snooky green said...

OK, you have to let me know where the burger is. Was it better than Halifax? (You know Americans can't resist a great burger.)

Camilla said...

I miss this :'(