Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Tag !! "6 things i like today"

Today i was tagged by sweet Famapa from the blog My Funny Eye yay !

So, 6 things i like today:

1. To be waken up by a strong sun light behind my curtain, and getting up very fast to take a picture of it to complete my "upon the roof" collection:

2. To receive a email from a special friend, asking for my address to post me a collage he maid about me :) And to sketch something to prepare a drawing i will send him in return:

yes, i am in my fox period ;)

3. Thinking about my future flat in Stockholm, and about decorating it, and making a huge tent with sheets in the living room, to camp inside.

4. Listening to this song 57 times at least:

5. To discover the music composed by my good friend, on lyrics i wrote, for the song Aprilgatan. Merci.

6. To see the result of putting a pair of balerina shoes (worn in Roskilde) in the washing machine. well they don't look good !! they don't really look like shoes anymore :D

i was tagged by Famapa thank you !! :D
i tag Camilla, Léo, Asphalt and Air and Angela


Camilla said...

I did mine - check it out. But I didn't know who to tag though... haha.
The drawing looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

De rien... pas eu le temps d'y retravailler, je t'expliquerai...

cottontree said...

i forgot to say thank you for tagging me! :D
i love waking up in the morning to sunlight too...or rain...

when skies are grey said...

I like thinking about your future flat, potential decor and sheet tents as well :).
(I almost tagged you for this one as well.)

Ella said...

I miss tents made of sheets... filled with cushions, like little nests.