Thursday, July 24, 2008

200 !!

Thank you all for your sweet comments, i answerd all of you in a comment in this post  :)
Post 200!! I had to do a (fake) retrospective! ;D and I would like to apologize for not posting these days, but i am in the chaos of moving from Copenhagen to Stockholm, and basically I have time for... nothing! I would love you to say hi in a comment, as an occasion to see who actually reads this blog, so if you read it without commenting usually, it would be nice just to say hello, just this time :) Oh and thank you for all the nice comments, it's the sweetest thing to receive!



June :

July :


danica said...

Hello Alice! Loving your blog since I found it last week. By the looks of it, you have fabulous taste in shoes and clothes (I especially love the red shoes in the second picture).

I hope moving is going well and doesn't become too stressful! xo

alice said...

Hello :)

That is a lot of nice shoes shots!

fresheima said...

A heartily "Hi" from Germany, where the sun finaly began to shine :]


Anonymous said...

I'm and avid reader of your lovely blog and this is me saying ello and thank you for sharing your days and experiences... :)

alison said...

hi :) i don't constantly comment, but i do regularly read your blog. it is quite lovely.


Mila said...

Hi! I read your blog!!!!
Don't be afraid, i am sure you have more readers then only 5, no doubt!

I love the pictures, very lovely and most of your shoes are adorable!

I'll be back!

red rocket said...

definitely more than five readers!
i am happy that today i posted a picture of my stocking-feet, and then i came to look at your blog and you have too!
its almost like our feet are celebrating your 200th post.

Camilla said...

Hello sweetie!
I read your blog as well, but you know that ;) Keep up the good work!
See you tonight <3

cottontree said...

hope moving isn't too stressful.

frida said...

hi sweety!
as you know I read your blog. just wanted to say hi and send you some love.

asphaltandair said...

hello! sweets!
good luck with the move...
i am in the middle of moving too.
what a waste of good summer days, huh?
i hope that you relax into your new home soon so that you can feel at home again.
keep blogging, you're doing a fabulous job!

when skies are grey said...

Hello! Great retrospective, spanning all these years ;)
I do really love your black patent leather mary janes, so pretty!
Hope you move is going well.

Maria said...

pretty shoe pics!! very cute.
good luck with the move, stockholm is great!

mieke willems said...

hey! this looks nice!

Esti said...

This post is outstanding! I like all those feet pictures a lot!

Laura said...

I've only discovered your blog today, but I wanted to say hi anyway. So...hi! :) This seems to be a really nice blog, it won't be the last time that I pass here.


vakant said...

hej :D

Kirtida Sundari said...

Ooooh. Just discovered your blog. I wish I knew about this from before! Loving your feet photography, I thought I was the only one taking photos of my feet. So glad there is somebody else out there.

Lisa said...


Well, I lurk and read your blog ever since I found it while randomly googling "waffles" one day. I think you're a really interesting gal!

Lisa said...

happy feet :)

ashley said...


mette/ungt blod said...

HI! håber du falder godt til i stockholm. good luck with the move!

red rocket said...

we miss you alice..

vavere said...

meeee, i read here x

snooky green said...

Alice, how is Stockholm? Hope you are doing amazingly well. Feeling very out of touch lately myself. Been traveling too much. Ben is back in California now - they finished the Mongol rally, which was really cool. You can see their adventures at I think. Love the new photos. :)

Alice said...

ok first of all, WOAW !!
i was sincerely expecting 5 or 6 comments, all friends, but 25 woaw !!

and second of all, thank you. so many nice words, and support messages :D

and for the first time, i get to answer to all of you !

Danica : i am glad you found me :D
and thank you for the compliments !

Alice : nice name ;)
thank you :)

Fresheima : hi :)

anonymous : oh thank you :D
hmm you make me cusrious about who you are :)

Alison : thank you !

Mila : well, 25 at least apparently ! (some of my friends are missing, and i am not happy with that !)
thank you :D

Red Rocket : haha i know the feeling, it's always nice to see that we're not alone being silly :D

Camilla : <3 i miss you. see you in 4 days :D

Angie : hello sweetie :D
i promise to answer your letter very soon, just in a little mess right now, but getting there :) hope you're great :)

Frida : Hej sweetheart ! waiting for my personal number so i can get classes to learn your silly language <3

Asphaltandair : good luck with your moving :D and thank you ! i love your blog <3

Kimberley : thank you :D

Maria : thank you, yes, it is :D

Mieke willems : thank you :)

Esti : thank you :)

Laura : oh thank you, hope you will come back :)

Vakant : hej :D

Kirtida sundari : hi !thank you !
haha, so apparently, we're at least 3 :D

Lisa : oh <3 what a lovely way to find me :D
thank you !!

Lisa : :)

Ashley : Hi :)

Mette : tak :D

Red rocket again : oh <3

Natasha : Hi sweetie :) same, i promise to write you soon <3 hope you're great :)

Cori : hi ! how are you ? thanks for the news, i will check that ! say hi to Ben, and tell him that if he manage to realize his treehouse, then i want one :D

To all of you, thank you again <3
my moving went fine, and i will post about it soon :)

sierralemon said...

Hi Alice !
Je fais partie des gens qui ne laissent que rarement des commentaires, mais qui viennent te lire avec toujours beaucoup de délice !
Bon courage pour ton déménagement

Betsey said...

ooh i looooove all of these! im going to add you to my blog list- hope its ok!