Sunday, June 1, 2008

My neighbour, Copé

Copé is my neighbour. She's one of my inspirations.
She's like an older version of me. She even wished to participate to A Home for Alice, and wrote the most perfect text for it :D

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For my birthday, she offered me the best present, she gave me her nacre bracelet that she wears all the time.
It's a prefect 25th birthday present. It's priceless to me.

She built a house that she drew herself, at the bottom of my garden.
There is no fence, i can walk from my house to hers freely.

She wanted vernished tiles like she saw in Norway

Inside, it's just one big room for the kitchen, livingroom and office..

I didn't want to intrude, but there would be 1000 things to show, every little corner is a treasure for the eyes :D

And of course her garden is beautiful as well !!


saray said...

her house look amazing!
she sounds like an intresting person..

Pål said...

Herregud!--i could live in die in a place like that its beautiful