Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goodbye Reception at the Czech Embassy

Tonight i went to the Czech Embassy, with Monika and Juan, because our friend Andrea (who's the Czech embassador's wife) is moving to Brazil, so her and her family were having a goodbye reception.

And while having delicious food on the terrasse among classical musicians, doctors and diplomats... all i could think about was that trampoline calling me in the garden !!! And, of course, how inappropriate it would be to jump on it !

but as one of the guests, a pianist, was explaining us how he challenged his fencing master once.... (no joke)

i just ran to ask Andrea : 

" if by any chance i would jump on that trampoline, would it be :

a) only very ridiculous, for me
b) also extremely embarrassing for the guests"

and she just said, that i could jump on it, of course, cause they would pack it tomorrow, so it was my last chance or never !!

So, still in front of classical musicians, doctors and diplomats, i had the best fun !!!

And maybe it looked like this:

but it felt like this !

What i learnt today, is that sometimes,

you have to forget this:

and go like this:


Chrissetine said...

Ho le portable de mes rêves !!!


Parfois, la vie, c'est un rêve. Une chance que tu sache les photographier.

J'ai tenté de faire un "grioletisme" moi aussi : c'est l'album dans facebook sur julien qui fait du thé. Mais moi c'est nul.

On fait un blog ce soir ? Donne moi un mot.

Anonymous said...

Ca devait être so bien... Le pur plan!
Tu as bien fait de sauter sur le trampoline, j'aurais fait de même je pense (mais en sautant moins haut....;-)
Gros poutous<3

chloe van paris said...

je dois t'avouer que je ne suis pas contre le plafond....
tu as vraiment bonne mine sur ces photos.

fresheima said...

Its always great to do what you like to, and to follow your feelings.
I think i would have done the same!

Lovely greeting from the cloudy and rainy germany

Maria said...

Looks like a lot of fun! high jumps:D
Hope you'll have a great weekend.

.girl ferment. said...

wow you were jumping so high!
good luck painting your desk.

gracia said...

Brilliant in so many ways!
see you, grache

Famapa said...

too funny!
I would have joined you on the trampoline fo sho...