Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye Party

Today we had our Goodbye Party with Monika and Andrea.
We had a great surprise ! Cecilia, Camilla and Jeanette made a cake for us !!! see here <3

My teacher Brennan brought me 2 Polaroid Cameras SX 70, that he got from his dad Sidney, who is a clockmaker in London ! they are just so great !!! i can't wait t try them !! but i wait to have something really special to shoot :) Thank you so much Brennan !!

(I called them "Paindépice" (the brown one, from pain d'épices, gingerbread in french) and "Apelsin" (Orange in swedish :)

On my way home,

the sun was already rising !! It was so beautiful :) And this is when my camera decided to run out of battery ! so only had my phone :(

When i got home, i could use my other (eos 4oo D) camera (who doesn't have a name yet, hmm) to catch the beautiful sky !


gabriellabellaaa said...

Gorgeous photos, especially for a phone.
I'm lucky if I can see a face with mine!

Veja cecilia said...

oh, that sky!

Maria said...

what a great day you had!! lovely polaroid cameras, lucky you! Hope you show the result after using them:)

I love that sky.

Placide said...

Les polas quoi ! ils sont trop magnifiques collectors !

Léo said...

je veux paindépice! en mode t'as trop de chance d'aller voir les CocoRosie, j'espere que tu vas kiffer sinon pour moi c'est un peu la honte... Bec <3