Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Correspondance : Angela to Me

Today i had the surprise to receive a full envelopp of cute things, sent by Angela from the blog Windy Days

She also participated to A Home for Alice, sending her polaroid and text about her home !

click to read :)

thank you Angela :)


Maria said...

oh what a lovely surprise! she has a very cute home, and her text is written so beautifully.

Mila said...

Great! Her place looks so adorable!!
Still loving your blog(s).

x Mila.

cottontree said...

Oh wow, you are too sweet alice. :)

i'm so glad you liked everything, the lady put so many stickers all over my letter i was scared that the postman wouldn't be able to see your address!

how is the exhibition going?? are you getting lots of lovely houses?

take care. xoxo