Wednesday, May 28, 2008

France : Home = ....

Home =

The entrance of my garden

My mom baking bread everyday

That creepy statue my mom loves so much

Old roses

My parents waltzing before lunch :D


My stepfather's gardening tools

and so much more...


vavere said...

I made banana bread yesterday, but it didn't look as perfectly bread shaped as your mother's! xx

angie said...

sorry i have not had time to be on the internet as much, just wanted to say that your home in france looks lovely! :)
what address are you at now? i'm not sure where to send the package. take care. :)

floe said...

wow, that is a creepy statue.
but only because my mum has the exact same one - and she loves it too...!

Anonymous said...

i love the statue too... the blog is beautiful bravo stephane c.