Saturday, May 24, 2008

France, Day 5, Wedding !!

6:30 am i drove Ombeline to her boyfriend's place, so his sister could fix her hair

8:45 we went back to her place so she could fix her make up

and get dressed, by her mum

it was so sweet to see that her dad was nervous :)

her mum got ready as well

Some hair pshit pshit for daddy :)

9:40 let's go !

she got in the car under the pooring rain

city hall, with special umbrella

the groom, Mickaël, who is my friend as well arrived with his mum

just a little signature ;)

11:00 she entered the church

such an awful weather !

13:00 we went to the wedding hall

she removed her veil and put on something a bit handier :)

our best suricat pose :D

At night, she opened the ball dancing a waltz with her dad, and then her husband.
As i was filming, i couldn't take any pictures of it, neither looking at it, and my memory of that moment will always be two little black and white wedding cake figurines dancing around, like this:

it was just beautiful to see them dancing, on this music, i broke into tears, so when everybody started to dance as well, Ombeline's mum cheered me up, and found me a dance partner, which was very nice of her, but awful for the poor guy, for the simple reason that i have two left feet when it comes to dance... after 2mn, i ended the torture and insited to let him free..

Despite awful weather, it was a really nice day, and i am glad i took the trip from Denmark :)

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