Wednesday, May 21, 2008

France Day 2

8:00AM the next day, we had to wake up early, Camille had to type a report for school..

and i had to cross Paris again to catch my train

My mum picked me up at the station, she was late, I was so impatient to see her ! Finally i could hug her, how great :D

this is my street (the clouds had decided to go crazy!)

And my mum had a surprise for me:

10 packs of 20 Polaroid films !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I could finally discover all the "Homes for Alice" !!!

I went to say hello to my Grand Ma, that i didn't see for 6 months, she has the best garden,

and I love her house, we have the exact same taste.


Christine said...

"Comme tout ce qui compte dans la vie, un beau voyage est une oeuvre d'art."

André Suarès


Maria said...

10 packs of 20 polaroid films!!!!!! Lucky you:)))

Your Granny sure has a good taste, I love the teapots!

cake. said...

yes! the print on those tea pots is quite wonderful.

Lisa said...

i love the photo of the aisle on the plane, it's brilliant :)

gracia said...

Great photos from your day... polaroid film and white clouds!

when skies are grey said...

been reading your blog, made it this far so i thought i should comment by now :)
i find that i have similar tastes to my grandmother as well-so many things i thrift remind me of her.
thanks for your comments that led me to you :)