Friday, May 30, 2008

France : Day 11, Emilie and Yann's house

Today i went to visit the house that my friend Emilie and her boyfriend Yann just bought :)

Jesus protects their house ;)

And truely, that's a good thing cause they seem to have the WEIRDEST neighbour !!
As we were visiting, we saw him hanging around the house for a while, with the oddest look, and then he asked them really slowly :
-"are you...... the new neighbours.......? hmm... it's a big garden.... yes... big garden...." with the "i have social issues and like children a bit too much" kind of attitude... CREE-PY !!!
Emilie was so scared she said to Yann : -"you won't let me home alone, will you ?!! what if he comes one day to ask me some flour or eggs, and kill me ?!!"
welcome home sweethearts !! ;D

After we went for coffee in the little town

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