Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday Girls

Yesterday we celebrated our birthdays, as it was Camilla's on the 4th, mine on the 8th and Jeanette's on the 23th. We decided to do a girly night :) with dinner, cocktails and dancing...

Nicolas came to my place, and he made a cake for me to bring to the dinner

My only task was to watch the strawberries, so they won't burn

We had so much fun, like cliché situations in movies, when they cook, and put the kitchen up side down, with ingredients everywhere on the floor and cream battle..

Then, the cake had to stay in the freezer for a while, so i dressed up

To go from my place to Jeanette's place with the (not-so-frozen-anymore) cake, was a huge adventure !! i had to take a first bus, where a little grandma sat beside me. She was so old, her eyes were all dimmed like old dogs.. and i had to ask her to move when i had to rush out of the bus, but she was so slow !! and i was in such a hurry !! i was smiling nervously, but all i was thinking was tic tac tic tac MOVE MOVE MOVE !!!!!
finaly i jumped out of the bus and rushed into the metro station (still running with the cake in my huge box) i took the mechanic stairs like a rocket, cause my metro was just there, waiting with the doors open !! i slalomed between people, and ran so fast i bumped a girl in the head with my box ! oops !
i jumped in the metro exactly when the doors closed. peeeew !
when out of the metro i ran to another bustop where Monika was waiting for me, and the bus was comming already ! perfect timing ! The cake arrived all soft and shaked, but rather ok :)

Monika made us her special cocktail, polish sirup, vodka and few drops of Tabasco on the top. which was really nice, if the shot glasses were not too big ! so we couldn't drink it all in once, i had to swallow like 3 times and caught so much, pretty intense !


After that we had Cosmopolitans, and many other different cocktails... with berries, lime and watermelon..
And then thai food :)


The famous cake

After dinner girls fixed their makeup 

And we went out to dance :)


Dotti said...

What a girl's night! And what I even like more: Let the boys do the work while you have fun. Chapeau!

Christine said...

Mais à quel moment exactement ta vie est-elle devenue un sitcom ? Faudra que tu m'expliques ça...