Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I spent the afternoon and evening with Cori from the blog Unstuck in the World, and her friend Ben, both American, both lovely.

We had the best time bitching about the Danes, and about everything we find weird in Denmark.

Ben knew the best burger place in town, where you can even grab your burger with your hands (seriously knife and fork ?? what for ??)

Then we went in a bar in Nørrebro, and Ben ("who is a photographer as well" told me Cori, as well as whom ??) gave me some tips about shutter speed on my camera, he took this pic without even looking in the viewer.

On my way home i tried to use the tips, hm not very convincing..

As the Danes would say "thanks for today" guys, it was just great :D

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snooky green said...

Too funny. Where do two Americans abroad drag you? For a burger of course.

It was very cool meeting you as well. Although after seeing that pic of Ben & I, I might have to revise my opinion of your photographic skills. :P