Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Polaroid's first publication !

An article about my photos has been published in FLURO issue n°3, a magazine from New Zeland :D

if you click on the pic you'll be abble to read the article :)

it's too bad it's in black and white though, and that they never sent me any issue as they promised. But Zoë, a myspace friend, was sweet enough to offer to send me 5 copies !!
plus a kind letter and a polaroid ! That was so nice of her <3


Anonymous said...

Je n'ai qu'un mot à dire ! (euh... non en fait, plusieurs!)...
Merci à FLURO issue n°3 (que je connais très bien) d'encourager les jeunes talents comme toi et de les semer à l'autre bout du monde.
Bravo biche et continue comme ça!
Poutous bien de chez nous!

Frida said...

oh, that is so nice sweety! as I said before I'm so happy for you!
And I would love to get my hands on one of those issues =)

Zoe said...

woo! my handwriting in that photo! so funny to think it is nestled away in another part of the globe. :]

Anonymous said...

Je suis sans voix. On parlera de tous cela... Chez nous (A Seu Naizeure)


Steve Ballmer said...

Very nice pictures, good blog!

Maria said...

wow, amazing! I like your polaroids a lot.

Christian said...

Im so happy for you Alice!
sp any new ideas, and plans:) im your manager you know;) haha
read your whole blog for once (usaly i dont read it al, caus i dont like to read.. ) but it was so fun to read how you doing. it made me smile.
hope to hear from you soon.
happy easter little musunge:)

big hugs Christian