Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy like Never

Today, after i got confirmation from the woman of the gallery, i felt happy like i never did for such a long time.

i couldn't count how many times i cried this year. I actually think i cried more this year than the rest of my life all together ! seriously, i couldn't tell how many times i found myself crying in the streets, or holding tears in public, in school, in the bus....

But today was a new day.

I dressed like a 10 years old (this is not new!)

and when i left the house, it smelled like hope in the air, it really did. and i couldn't help smiling. i found myself trying to hide my giant smile in the street, but i just couldn't ! on my way to school (yes i still hang out there, like a ghost) believe me or not, but i saw, THREE TIMES, two magpies (which means joy) i laughed at loud ! it was stronger than me.

i bought a full bag of fruit, and treated myself with raspberries :)

Nothing could reach me. Everytime something came to my mind, i thought right away "what do i care ?? i exhibit in Australia !!!" and it was so good, to have the feeling to "go somewhere" for a change.

1 comment:

Pimp'Pommette said...

WOw, thanx for the invitation in your world...ALice!!! thanks to mine, I discovered yours...
wonderful pics, wonderful girl dressed like "the" Alice (in Wonderland!!)
you're so cute*
I'm in love with your queen-shrimp!!!
where do you come from?
je ne sais plus quelle langue parler!!! Hihihi^-^