Monday, March 10, 2008

Bon Voyage !

Here are two suitcases i bought yesterday at a fleeemarket in Nørrebro. Only 50kr each (7 euros)

And they look so sweet together, like a real couple :) (soon they will get names, suggestions anyone ?) >> i found names for them ! thank you to Camille and Floe on mysapce, for their help, but i decided they would be called Emmett and Camelia :) what do you think ?


Placide said...

Trooooop cutes !!!
je suggestionne Lois&Clark, Bonnie&Clide, Tarzan&Jane, Romeo&Juliet (ok ca craint, mais comme la petite est forcément une fille et la grande un male, je cherche des couples :))
ahhhnaufait je t'ai pas dit que j'en avait cu une perfect en bas de chez moi un matin, mais comme j'était en retard en cours je l'ai pas prise et le soir les poubelles étaient passées bouhhhhh

La Fille en Rose said...

so jealous! i've been looking for a vintage suitcase forever!

snooky green said...

Which flea market did you find those at? I live in Nørrebro, but haven't been to any good ones yet. :)

Alice said...

i found them on a special flea market day in the streets between Elmegade and the lakes. i just got very lucky that day, but i was looking for those two, for years :)