Friday, February 29, 2008

Perfect week with Camille

This week Camille came to visit me in Copenhagen.

i welcomed her at the airport with a sign as a joke :D

Of course, don't forget your sandwish before you go for a walk :)

The weather was quite bad, but to have nice puddles you need rain :)

We went to Nyhavn

It's also really nice at night

And of course, to see the Little Mermaid

We watched Harold and Maude, that for some reason i had never seen, and it was just perfect, but i had read the book, and during the whole movie, my brain couldn't stop trying to see if the film was sticking to the book, (even if the book was written after the movie) and not really watching it with a neutral eye..

Scene with the famous "Tttssssss"

Pitit regard-caméra

We went second hand shopping and to cafés

We went to Vesterbro and made a wish in the "sea" of the miniature medieval village :)

On friday we went to the Botanic Garden. They have a huge glasshouse, in the shape of several round rooms. Every room displays a different type of plants, so the temperature and atmosphere changes from a room to another :)

We had brought kannelbullies for a little snack :)

People are actually allowed to climb those stairs, it was very scary/nice to clim up there, and have a overview of the whole room.

In this area, as soon as we pushed the door, the most wonderful smell made every single breezing magic. it smelled like bergamot orange, vanilla, passion fruits... paradise !

And at night, 5mn before going out( running like mad under the rain cause we were late for the appointment with Monika) Camille cut my hair exactly like hers :)

On saturday night we went to see Juno, is was really nice (exept the bunch of 12 years old kids yelling and shouting on the first row, so anoying !)

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Placide said...

Tu es cute mon bébon ^^
La prochaine fois en Suede !