Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Special Moment

I spent the day with Ennis, we went Christmas shopping, and then kyling burger eating :) (le mega burger au poulet qu'on avait mangé l'été 2006 avec un thé au jasmin, tu te souviens Christine ? )
That was really nice and cosy.

Before going home i stayed like half an hour on my own on Radhus Pladsen, the city hall square, where they set a giant Christmas tree.
I was listening to that song

And i felt so confused. Empty, lucky, lonely, alive, isolated, so happy, and so extremly sad all at the same time.

(det är dit jag ringde dig)

Comes a time when,
You can't judge nomore
Go outside, babe
Can't see the storm
I can't believe that
We're really all good
One of us has gone,
They never should..

Ohhh, ohhh
Ohhh, ohhh..
Ohhh, ohhh
Ohhh, ohhh..

Comes a time when
You really can't judge,
You should go walking
You don't even budge,
I can't believe how
Far we have gone
One of us has none
Now come along,
Get up and tell the sun
That you don't feel loved
Get up and tell the sun
That you don't feel loved

Ohhh, ohhh
Ohhh, ohhh..
Ohhh, ohhh
Ohhh, ohhh..

How long can you
Keep circling round'
Like paris texas
'til she found out

1 comment:

nexuspoesi said...

how cool! i often dreamt of beeing french, when i was younger. ironicly i am german, well, half-german and half danish.
how come you're here in denmark? to study?

i'm sorry you don't understand, what i'm writing...many of my posts are about teenage-thoughts - how emo that may sound. i simply write them down, because i can't help it. and, of course, to remember them.

actually, i didn't buy it, but i'm thinking of buying it for my littlesister, who's turning 16 on tuesday (gotta teach those youngsters what good music is). it would be a win-win situation-present, since i also would like to listen to it. i got it all figured out!

fortsat god søndag,