Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer has gone..

My summer mini playlist:

This summer was a bit particular for me. It didn't feel like every other.
And the main theme seemed to be "this is the end of an era"

When i was 17, summer was synonym of tanning (understand sunburns), dreams about going away and superficial summer crushes..

now that i am 26, i hide from the sun, i fly from a foreign country to come home, and i love a man deeply, in a way that makes perfect sens.

It's sometimes nice to experience clichés of life, such as "life is more pleasant at 30 than it was at 20"

It was really moving, to see my best friends pregnent, waiting to know the sex of the baby, or taking care of a little babygirl or traveling the world on a boat... everybody has new projects and new lives...

It was so relaxing to be around my mum, she cooked my favorite food, and bought the finest jasmin tea, we went to the movies just me and her, and saw Two Lovers, What Ever Works, Revolutionary road, and Milk..

At some point i thought this was the only thing i wanted to do. Go and watch foreign movies with her forever.

Today is her birthday, so before i left, we collected money with my brother and his girlfriend, and offerd her this

I had dinner at my GrandMa's, we watched Goldfinger, and Abyss and it was two very nice moments.

That bird died

Pieces of my summer:

She came to say goodbye the morning i left
i remember i saw her on the footbridge and she waved
-"it's a girl". she said when she arrived on the platform
7mn later my train was gone. and so was I.

* * *


-"i feel like i want to see the world !" she said on the phone that evening
"since i am back in Paris, everything looks dull.. something woke up in me.."
i looked at my feet, on the terasse that night, with a familiar feeling
-"you've seen too much to come back to your life as it was.."
-"exactly !!"

* * *

-"who would have thought, when we were four years old, asking eachother to come and play,
that you would visit me one day, with your little boy, and your baby girl.

* * *

-"j'ai faim !! je veux du lait !!!" dit le petit chat perdu
-"va voir la fermiere" lui dit le coq, "et fait cocorico !! et elle te donnera des graines"
-"mais je ne veux pas de graines, je veux du lait !! du laaait !!"

-"allez maintenant on dort".
-"j'entends les oiseaux qui font fhhonn ffhhonn!!"
-"chut les oiseaux !! c'est l'heure de la sieste d'Arthur ! alors pas de bruit !!

* * *

And now summer has gone. and i left that parallele life.


notebookdoodles said...

sounds like you had such a wonderful summer :p one that was eye opening as well.

Ombeline said...

mais les petits habitants de ta vie parallèle ne t'oublient pas...
merci pour ce bon moment

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

beautiful words, little lady x

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ces trois jours de quietude et de jeux, à l'abris chez toi.

Ca faisait longtemps que je n'étais pas venue sur ton blog et je me rend bien compte de mon erreur, quel bouffée d'oxygène à chaque fois... Je vais te mettre en lien sur le site que je suis en train de finaliser...



Pauline said...

La photo de l'oiseau est bouleversante ! Ton blog est très émouvant.

V said...

je me dis la vie est mal faite... j'ai vu tous les films au court de l'année avant qu'ils ne soient joués au Fanal. c'est bête on aurait pu s'y croiser par inadvertance...

Camilla said...

lovely lovely lovely!! your summer seems to have been beyond perfect :)

Gisele said...

Beautiful! It is true that things gets better as you gets older, it all falls into place and the way you view life is different.

Cellar Door said...

I feel a bit sad reading that but happy at the same time... Do you feel torn sometimes? Between the past and the future and home and away? You made me feel that.