Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am back from Ireland, it was so nice seeing Ennis, the irish sky again, and beeing back in a street where i used to hang out for 2 months, when i was an au pair there 7 years ago !

while there, i even found my dress for Ombeline's wedding, where i will be the bridesmaid :)

it's a bit fairytaly/kiddy/extreme, but i like it :)


Helena (fridas friend) said...

I really like your new dress. You will look cute as a bridesmaid =)
I really like your photos to! I want to be good at taking pics to. What camera do you use?

Alice said...

oh hello Helena !
haha you finally dared commenting, tack !! i am so glad you did !
and woaw thank you for all those compliments !! i am very flatered as i just go clic clic clic with my camera without any skills.. i use mainly a Canon EOS 400D, and sometimes my old little Pentax Optio (pocket one, easier to carry :)
please feel free to comment anytime ! i really hope you will !

Anonymous said...

thats a great dress, you gonan be one f the cutes bridesmaid ever:)
by the way i love the pciture of the cat & the fox in the window

Monini said...

My God Alice! the dress is just ... perfect!
I'm so proud at you!


Mrs.French said...

So, so perfect! The red is smashing!

Pimp'Pommette said...

I lOvE your dress so much!!!!
you really look like Alice in Wonderland... that's unbelievable!!!
(we have the same pretty black ballerinas :)
Did you find the white rabbit?