Monday, November 19, 2007

Have Yourself a Merry Little Shopping

Here are the shoes i bought today, from Vagabon, very cheap (300kr)

All those New Year's Eve shinny plastic clothes (like golden acrylic tops and bad satin black skirts) make me puke ! However, i bought a glittery belt today, but not for New Year's Eve, err...

just to go with that dress, that definitely needed a belt :)


Ombeline said...

Such a sweet Merry Little Shopping girl!!!

Come back soon and we'll shop together in La Baule.

My english is fantastic, don't you think so?

Bye Biche

Anonymous said...

Aujourd'hui dans notre magazine : le choix d'Alice !

Les chaussures "Jazzy Prohibition" et ses guêtres, la somptueuse robe des grands jours pailletées de sa gorgeous ceinture... Les stickers, la "Alice touch".

Parfait !!!

Frida said...

I love that dress! is it new as well? looks really cute with the new belt you bought =)

sorry I haven't commented before. I really suck at doing that but ofcourse you can feel free to do so on my as well =)